What is this?

Cichill is a travel blog that shares its author’s personal stories, travel experiences and itineraries.

Who runs this site and writes its content?

Um, hello my name is Cicilia. *Wave awkwardly*
And I am also the owner of Peekmybook (Instagram @peekmybook.) *Grin creepily*

Where else can we find Cichill?

We are on Instagram @ci.chill

Tell us a little bit about this blog.

I have always been a little bit crazy when it comes to planning my holiday. I would usually spend long hours planning my trip because I love a well organized and thorough itinerary. I believe it holds an important key to an enjoyable and memorable holiday. Recently I’ve had people sending me private message, asking if it’s okay for me to share my itinerary with them and I thought, hey why not share it to the world? Plus I’ve been getting massive help from the internet as well all this time! Time to give something back 😉

Who creates all the itineraries written on this blog?

Me, unless otherwise stated.

How does the website work?

All writings and itineraries can be found on the Blog page. One blog post covers itineraries for one day. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see Categories and Tags. Categories divide the articles based on individual trip while Tags based on the locations I visited.

On every blog post, there will be a list of similar articles from the same trip on the right sidebar (in mobile version, the list will appear on the bottom of the post.) I hope this will help smoothen your browsing experience.

At the end of every blog post, there will be a summary box containing all the places that I visited that day. This is for those who do not want to go through all the long stories and paragraphs.

What are the things that you like in traveling? What are your preferences?

  • I like going to places with beautiful sceneries. Mountains and beaches win my heart over busy cities. I don’t dislike cities, but I prefer nature more.
  • I never spend too much money on food and accomodation, but I always make sure that the places I will be staying in are clean and decent.
  • I don’t live to eat; I eat to live. I love food, but definitely not to the extend of how a food blogger would travel. So you won’t find a lot of pretty food pictures and detailed writing about them here.
  • Taking TONS of pictures. I just love it, period.
  • I like all kinds of nature but I am madly in love with beaches.
  • Talking to the locals! <3

What are the things that you like less in traveling?

  • I HATE FLYING. As in, traveling with plane, not the actual flying because I am no wonder woman :p
  • I am not a big fan of traveling by sea as well.
  • Shopping. I don’t really like spending too much time walking around choosing stuffs. Usually I would spend maximum a day to shop.
  • Spending too much time in one place. When I travel, I hop from one place to another fairly quick.
  • Dirty bathroom 🙁
  • I can’t (and hell won’t) play things that give me too much adrenaline rush such as water sports, rides at amusement park, haunted house, etc. I tried them a couple of times before (dipaksa gais), and I truly deeply felt like I was gonna get a heart attack.
  • I am not good at handling or being near animals; especially when they are wild.

Why did you write some of your articles in Indonesian and some others in English?

I am just extremely moody like that :p thank you though for understanding! 😀

Last but not least:

Most of the time whenever I travel, I always opt for Airbnb first when looking for accomodation. Not only it offers unique places to stay in, the prices there are usually cheaper than hotels. If you haven’t signed up yet, you may use my referral link: www.airbnb.com/c/ciskandar. Both of us will get free travel credit up to $25++ that can be used later for booking. I’ve used a lot of travel credits and I couldn’t love Airbnb more!


Alright that’s it for now. If you have anything else to ask, ask away (email: ciciliaiskandar@yahoo.com)! <3